Shiplift & Transfer Systems

With our optimal fast docking capability to transfer ships onto dry-land, we ensure safety and flexibility using proven experience to design and control docking of ships with our state of the art shiplift technology...


At TPK Pte Ltd, our certified consultants have all necessary skills, years of experience and knowledge that are managed by some of the most experienced marine engineers in the industry. We offer precision works in the field of naval planning and marine engineering coupled with integration of new marine technology to deliver optimal consultations for all our clients wherever it is needed...

Servo Actuators

Our state of the art Servo Actuators can be installed for various applications;


  • Various presses

  • Vessel Rudder Control Units

  • Sluice Gate Open-Shut Mechanism

  • Vessel Roll Dumping Systems

  • Injection Molding Machines

  • Multi-Shaft Jacks

  • Suspended Cargo Attitude Control Units

  • AGC units

  • Hydro-Forming Machines

  • Anti-Seismic Rubber Test Units

  • Flight Simulators

  • and other Industrial Applications


Our Actuator Technology is proven to reduce total costs and improve performance. (No valve, No pipe) Its versatility, simplicity, compactness, lightness & durability will ensure that any machine using our Actuator Technology are high performing and cost effective...

Civil Hydraulics

TPK Systems Pte Ltd provides a wide variety of engineering services to a diverse client base including architects, contractors, facility owners, and manufacturers. With over 25 years of experience, TPK Pte Ltd. is recognised as one of South Korea’s leading specialist in the field of water control gate...

Reverse Osmosis

TPK Systems Pte Ltd high efficiency mineral o2 water treatment reverse osmosis system is the best solution to provide fresh water in the fastest most convenient way. With over 10 years of experience, TPK Systems Pte Ltd. has the ability to DesignManufacture and Install custom and standard R.O systems for use of all clients... 

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Tel: +82 51 266 7968 

Fax: +82 51 266 7696 

M: +82 10 3840 5295





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