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Reverse Osmosis Technology

TPK Systems Pte Ltd high efficiency mineral O2 water treatment reverse osmosis system is the best solution to provide fresh water in the fastest most convenient way. With over 10 years of experience, TPK Systems Pte Ltd has the ability to Design, Manufacture and Install custom and standard R.O systems for use of all clients. 

Reverse Osmosis Technology

At TPK Pte Ltd, we understand access to clean water is a necessary human right, and an essential step towards improving the living standards worldwide. Access to clean water results towards positive externalities, similar to hydration for a human being to function effectively within a society, it is also equally important for facilities and industries to deliver resources. It is because of this reason that access to clean water is a major component to complement the creation of economic opportunities.  



At TPK Systems Pte Ltd, We Design, Manufacture and Install Reverse Osmosis systems for:


  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems

  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Turnkey Base Systems 

  • Offshore Refineries Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • All Vessel Type Reverse Osmosis Systems (Seawater to Drinking water)



At TPK Pte Ltd, we anticipate the scarcity of space, the isolation of remote areas and the temporary need of clean and fresh water for usage. The containerized RO series is designed to meet these essential demands. The system produces purified Owater that is healthy for bodycare and are able to turn Sea water to fresh water. The application of our containerized RO series are easy to Install, Operate and Maintain

Designed for Korea Navy Ships
watersphoto_1[1].jpg 2014-8-31-19:46:4
Japan Mall
Ferry Boat RO system


TPK Systems Pte Ltd, comprises of expert teams of engineers, technicians and specialists. All of whom can be deployed to provide:


  • On-site support (engineers, technicians)

  • Supervision of workflow and training 

  • Specialist Consultation


Teams within our organization are employed for their experience, ability and speciality which allows our services to deliver and meet the demands of all our clients.  



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