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Servo Actuators


Our Servo Actuators can be installed to perform various applications where great forces and safety are of paramount importance. It is highly durable, light, compact with no needed additional valves or pipes to achieve versatility in all its applications. Our Servo Actuators are designed for Industrial, Aerospace, and Defense applications. Various applications include:


  • Various presses

  • Vessel rudder Control 

  • Sluice Gate Open-Shut Mechanism

  • Injection Molding machines

  • Hydro-Forming Machines

  • Anti-Seismic Rubber tests Units

  • Flight Simulators and many other industrial applications

Servo Actuator Vessel Rudder Control (Single Acting)


Our experience in manufacturing approved steering gear ensure that any rudder for ships are positioned with the greatest degree of accuracy to execute desired turns. The optimum capability of our steering gear are known for their shock absorbing action against vibrations, with our ideal servo-acuator systems.

Servo Actuator for Valve


Our Servo Actuator valves are ideally suited for any valve application. This saves time due to its straightforward presets, practical size and simplified hydraulic balance. Using the Servo Actuator Valves ensures:


  • Powerful volumetric flow

  • Differential pressure control

  • Robust and Longevity to lower cost

  • Safety and Energy Efficiency

  • Silent and Clean due to its design

Servo Actuator for Sluice Gate


Our servo-actuator sluice gates offers an optimal operational capability that is tested and proved for low leakages, cost-effective arrangements. They are:


  • High Strength

  • An Improved Design

  • Capable of improving operational quality

Servo Actuator Steering Gear (Double Acting)


Our Double Acting Servo Actuator is designed to optimized performance for steering applications. The 'Double Acting' format proves more flexibility, Speed and Accuracy to substitute 'Single Acting' Servo Actuator.  

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