Civil Hydraulics

 TPK Systems Pte Ltd provides a wide variety of engineering services to a diverse client base including architects, contractors, facility owners, and manufacturers. With over 25 years of experience, TPK Systems Pte Ltd is recognised as one of South Korea’s leading specialist in the field of water control gate design. Our ability to perform multiple aspects of projects ( Design, Manufacture and Install ) for various types of water control facilities combined with the application of our Servo Actuator technology has made us the topmost choice for many of our clients.   

Civil Hydraulics


The endeavour of constructing engineering marvels of different size or span, height or volume for industrial facilities, bridges, tunnels, reservoirs, waterworks or power plants can prove to be a challange. At TPK Systems Pte Ltd, we understand that the search for the technically feasible, economically viable and practically sensible solution for all projects must prove impeccable to produce the best outcome. 


At TPK Systems Pte Ltd, We Design, Manufacture and Install Civil Hydraulic systems for:


  • Sluice Gates

  • Lock Gates

  • Torque-tube gates

  • Tide tilting gates

  • Mitre gates

  • Sector Gates


All cofferdams, waterways, spillways, dams and other water control facilites are fitted with our Servo Actuator technology for ease control and optimized reliability.


TPK Systems Pte Lte., comprises of expert teams of engineers, technicians and specialists. All of whom can be deployed to provide:


  • On-site support (engineers, technicians)

  • Supervision of workflow and training teams

  • Specialist Consultation


Teams within our organization are employed for their experience, ability and speciality which allows our services to meet the demands of all our clients.  



Radial Gate Hoisting Cylinder
Water Intake Gate at Reservoir
Sludge collector and conveyor
Radial Gate Concept Design
Radial Gate Lifting Hydraulic Cylinder at Dam.jpg
Hydraulic Cylinder for Radial Gate at Dam.jpg
Hoist Cylinder for Sluce Gate
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Tel: +82 51 266 7968 

Fax: +82 51 266 7696 

M: +82 10 3840 5295





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