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Marine & Port Consultancy 


All of our clients are important to us and we pride ourselves in delivering excellence. At TPK Systems, we offer specialized consultancy and management solutions tailored for all our client’s needs. Our diverse specialties and years of operational experience have included working with the most prestigious shipyards and docks all over the world. 

Feasibility Studies

Our Dockyard project team focuses:


  • Cost Effetive Ship Dockings

  • Ship Building Yards & Repair Yards

  • Market Analysis & Demand Studies

  • Business Planning & Company Structuring 

  • Expansion Projects

  • Financial Analysis of Project Viability



Dockyard Design & Engineering

  • Conceptual Design

  • Basic / Initial Design

      - Shiplift System Scematics

      - Electrical System Design

      - Mechanical System Design

  • Design Modification 

  • Design Software

  • Docking Plan


Our range of training courses cover basic shipping training for employees of clients, from those who have never worked on a vessel, all the way to the experienced seafarers doing complex, simulator-driven ship docking scenarios.

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