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TPK Pte Ltd. aims to stimulate growth through diversification. We expand into new businesses that we believe are the future. Thus, TPK invests in promising businesses that is outside the scope of our existing business


Shockwave is a long range acoustic hailing or crowd control device that can send the word/tone to a specific target. It can also be used as a defence tool in cases of an attack.


Features of the SW - 38M

  • Sound power 151db

  • Long range massages can be sent over 2km

  • Sound Defence under 100m



  • Clear unwanted contact

  • Warning System

Containerized R.O Series
Our reverse osmosis systems includes those specifically engineered and designed for;


  • Large Industrial Applications

  • Medium Sized Commercial Applications

  • Small Laboratory Applications


Our R.O system can be tailor-mounted and mobile for temporary and emergency applications



RO Specification


Environmental, Sustainable, Cost effective and Silent. These are the positive qualities of using solar energy. At TPK, we advocate sustainable energy creation. We can build solar farms both on land and offshore. 

Solar Specification
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