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TPK Shiplift & Transfer Systems

At TPK systems Pte Ltd, we design for installations, supply the necessary materials and build all our shiplift and transfer systems projects (EPC). The objectives of our Shiplift and Transfer Systems execute: 
Fast Docking Capability

With precise coordination using our computer based technology, all transfers of load ensures minimal time on all track records


Our proven technology is programmed for the ensured safety of shiplift and transfer processes 

Our shiplift and transfer system esures ease of control for dock party personnel operating the system

​​TPK shiplift systems operates continuously, smoothly and synchronously for All load distribution onto and off the platform using our technology that is tailored proven for ease of control. It is accomplished by way of an electro-mechanical hoisting system with a standardized load carry capacity of up to 80,000 metric tonnes. 

Bogie Control Panel
Bogie Controller
Shiplift-Control Desk
Shiplift-Main PC
Shiplift-Main Screen

​​Our shiplift control system operates using state-of-the-art technology, functioning through computer based programmable control system (PLC) for precise lifting and lowering operations, incorporating:


  • Load Mesurement Systems (LMS)

  • Height Measurement Systems (HMS)

  • Triple Safety Break System 

  • Trim & List Functions


The shiplift transfer system design consists of a railborne transfer system which are adaptable to meet any standards and requirements of docks. The significant design of our transfer system can execute both Longitudinal Transfers and Side Transfers for ship parking.

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